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Drainage Problems/Complaints

  1. Please use the following online form to report a drainage problem (flooding, etc.) in your neighborhood; or any other area in Brownsburg. Once you submit this form an investigation will be initiated by the Street Department. Please provide as much information as possible regarding the drainage problem to help in our investigation. Please allow 2 business days for a Town Representative to contact you regarding this report.
  2. NOTE: Each report will be evaluated on a Case-by-Case basis to determine possible causes and remedies to each situation. The Town of Brownsburg ("Town") is not liable for damage to private property caused by flooding. The Town will make every effort to provide assistance, where possible, to correct reported drainage problems, subject to available funds; project priority; weather delays and staffing requirements. In some cases the Town may require an Access Easement or Right-of-Way dedication to correct drainage problems.
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