What is the Parks pricing policy?

The BPRD is committed to providing outstanding parks and recreation experiences for the community, which shall include providing quality recreation programs, facilities, and parks.  It is necessary for BPRD to have a sound and consistent pricing policy that will serve as a management tool for establishing, implementing, and evaluating various fees and revenue options. Establishing a pricing policy may allow for additional programs and facilities to be made available that would enhance the level of service or quality of programs. This removal allows for BPRD to provide a higher quality of services due to these limited operational dollars.  

The new Pricing Policy for BPRD is designed to provide staff with consistent guidelines in pricing admissions, use of facilities, and establishing program fees based on the individual benefits a user receives above a general taxpayer.  The policy will help BPRD address revenue goals to support operational costs, provide greater fairness in pricing services to users, and help support implementing future programs, facilities, and services.  This Pricing Policy allows the BPRD users, staff, and general taxpayers to understand better the philosophy behind the pricing of a program or service. The Pricing Policy is based on the cost recovery goal for the service established by the BPRD Board to provide the service and whether the service is a public, merit, or private service.

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