Where do I drop-off or pick-up my child?

Lincoln Elementary School - Door D (Back of Lincoln)

Updated B.A.S.E./PEAK Pick-up Procedures:

  • Parent/guardians will text or call the site cell phone within five minutes of arrival so that staff may prepare the participant for pick-up.
  • Parents will wait outside the entrance doors with ID readily available for a staff member to confirm that the individual is an authorized pick-up with ePACT. (HINT: Upload your parent/guardian photo to ePACT to eliminate the need for a photo ID and allow staff to identify you as an authorized pick-up more quickly!)
  • The staff member will then record the check-out time and initial on behalf of the authorized pick-up in ePACT on the site phone.

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2. Where do I drop-off or pick-up my child?
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