Swimming Days

On Tuesdays, we will go to the Brownsburg High School pool. Lifeguards at BHS will issue a swim test to anyone who does not want to wear a life jacket.  To pass the swim test, the camper must be able to swim the length of the pool without touching the bottom, keep his or her head above the water, and be able to swim without getting too tired. If a lifeguard determines a camper is not a strong swimmer, the camper will be directed to wear a life jacket.  Campers who pass the swim test will receive a bracelet indicating they know how to swim and will be allowed to jump off of the small diving board. Any camper who does not want to take the swim test will be directed to wear a life jacket. Any camper who chooses not to swim or forgets his or her swim gear will stay behind with the age group that stays at camp.

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