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May 05

2021 Town of Brownsburg Employees of the Year

Posted on May 5, 2022 at 1:10 PM by Shelby Abner

2021 was eventful and challenging across all departments. Despite the health pandemic’s continued effects, every team looked for new opportunities to connect with residents and streamline processes. 

Our 2021 employees of the year have gone above and beyond expectations to meet our mission and vision. 

Rookie of the Year

Dan Maki, IT Administrator - Administration 

IT Administrator Dan Maki is the Rookie of the Year. Hired in 2021, Dan was responsible for transitioning the Town of Brownsburg’s IT infrastructure from a contracted-service to in-house. During this transition, Maki saved the Town nearly $200,000 in equipment and network costs while making much-needed improvements. In addition, he handles day-to-day department requests for more than 150 employees. Dan’s efforts have greatly improved the Town’s ability to meet employee IT needs. 

Ignitor of the Year

Kellie Cummins, Executive Assistant - Police

Kellie Cummins organized the Police Department’s National Night Out event, bringing together more than 52 community resources and vendors after a year hiatus due to COVID-19. She also created unique social media posts to engage and inform residents and took a lead role in maintaining the Police Department’s website. Kellie has worked at the Police Department since 2003 and is dedicated to serving Brownsburg residents. 

GEM of the Year

Amber Lane, Assistant Director - Parks

Parks Assistant Director Amber Lane is the GEM of the Year. She has been with the Town of Brownsburg for six years. In her role, she oversees parks operations, employee engagement, and the department’s budget. Last year, Amber placed a large focus on inclusive and accessible events, ensuring that residents of all abilities are able to enjoy the same experiences. She served a critical role in working to make the two-day Blues in ‘Burg festival a successful premier event for the Town of Brownsburg. Thanks to Amber’s efforts, residents have more opportunities to enjoy park programs.