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Dec 07

Top Five Reasons to Register Your Teen for PEAK Today!

Posted on December 7, 2021 at 7:48 AM by Shelby Abner

PEAK is an after-school program for students in grades 6-8 run by Brownsburg Parks. PEAK strives to Promote Enrichment, Adventure and Knowledge through daily experiences in service, learning and exploring opportunities within a safe environment.

Fantastic Field Trips!

We’re proud to partner with local organization Camptown to offer two state park field trips this year! Join us on February 20 and April 24 as we adventure through the forest at Turkey Run and put our nature skills to the test.

Safe and Relaxing After-School Environment

PEAK is currently held at East Middle School. West Middle School students can ride the bus immediately after school to PEAK. We have a dedicated PEAK room, which students can make their own by decorating with posters and other décor. We also follow all school-mandated COVID-19 guidelines to keep students safe and healthy.

Homework Help

PEAK starts immediately after school and we offer a dedicated homework help hour from 3-4 PM. Not only is our staff available to answer questions and guide students through examples, students have the opportunity to work and learn with their peers as well.

Creative Inspiration

Dance parties, virtual escape rooms and even making slime are regular activities at PEAK! PEAK is designed to expose teenagers to a wide variety of exciting and engaging activities to get them up and moving and out of their comfort zone. This program is guided by student voice and choice. Every day can bring new enrichment experiences and adventures!

Teamwork and Discussion Building Activities to Prepare Kids for Life!

Brownsburg Parks is dedicated to helping your student grow and develop during this critical time of life. PEAK offers one of the most powerful learning environments by providing teens with the opportunity to try new activities together. When students succeed at these activities, they build self-esteem. Children also build social skills and problem solving skills by being part of a supportive community at PEAK.


Have we PEAKED your interest? Sign up for PEAK today!

*Some photos taken before COVID-19.