Blast Off Playground

Blast Off Playground Entrance

Blast Off Playground, located at Williams Park, was built in 2000 by a group of over 400 volunteers. 

The playground was named by a Brownsburg student after the Challenger Learning Center that used to be in Brownsburg. In addition, the towering, wooden structures resemble a rocket ship. Other playground features include towers, tunnels, ramps, a tire swing, monkey bars, slides, and more! The playground is enclosed by a fence, with only one entrance and exit for safety.

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History of the Playground

Blast Off Playground was built thanks to the hard work of a group over 300 volunteers. They built the wooden structure over a five-day period, with the help of Leathers and Associates. Feedback of elementary students was also incorporated into the playground's design.

Time CapsuleItems from Blast Off Playground's time capsule lay on a table.

A time capsule, buried in 2000, was uncovered by Parks staff in 2000. Inside were images from the original playground build, a letter from former Parks Director Brian Rose, news clippings, volunteer lists, donation requests, thank you cards from Brownsburg students, playground drawings, a concept of the playground, t-shirts, and much more.

Volunteers pose in front of the newly built Blast Off Playground sign

Blast Off Playground Community Renovations

Volunteer group uses a router on a board
Volunteers attach board to playground

Phase 1

Phase 1 renovations were completed October 2021 with the help of 50 volunteers over a five-day period. Work included priority repairs to replace play features, wooden beams and posts with recycled plastic composite that will better withstand weather and aging. Hardware repairs and mulching were also included in this phase.

We also appreciate all of our sponsors including: Jimmy Johns, Rockstar Pizza, the Van Horn Family, Browning Day, Ace Hardware in Brownsburg, Williams Creek Management, V3 Companies, Security Pros, Meyer Najem Construction, Commercial Recreation Group, and Pit Stop Barbeque and Grill.

Phase 2

Phase 2 renovations were completed in July 2022 with the help of nearly 500 volunteers over a five-day period. Priority work included replacing railings and decking, installing new play features, and painting. 

The Brownsburg Parks team raised over $25,000 from the community and received a matching grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority to support the project. 

We appreciate our sponsors, including: Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, Hendricks County Community Foundation, Swartout Dental, Hendricks Power, CoBank, Parks Foundation of Hendricks County, V3, Williams Creek Management, State Bank, Browning Day, Donna Metallic, Coconato Family, PROS Consulting,  Zec Eight Insights LLC, Ray's Trash Service