Brownsburg Parks is proud to offer a variety of trails to further connect the Brownsburg. Trails are open from 5 am  to dusk.

Check out our Trail Map (PDF).

Arbuckle Acres Park Loop

This just under one mile paved loop trail connects to the White Lick Creek Greenway. Includes a Story Walk featuring stories for youngsters selected by our partners at the Brownsburg Public Library.

B&O Trail

Green Street to Ronald Reagan Parkway

The three-mile portion of this multi-use trail between Green Street and Ronald Reagan Parkway is managed by Brownsburg Parks.

Access the trail from the trailhead at Green St. or the trailhead at Cardinal Park.

Mile Marker Signs

As you walk the B&O Trail, you may notice that it is lined with mile markers signs. These markers were put in place to help 911 callers identify their exact location to aid dispatch and emergency responders.

Bicentennial Trail

Between 300 N and 200 N West of Hornaday Road

Brownsburg Parks manages the northern half of this one mile multi-use path, built in partnership with Avon Parks.

Bulldog Way

This trail connects the Recreational Trail Program (RTP) Trail to SR 136 (Main St.). It is the final leg in a trail system that extends from the B&O Trail to SR 136, connecting the southern portion of Brownsburg to the north.

Maple Ridge Trail

940 S Locust Lane

Nearly one mile wooded, crushed stone path. Access the trail at Williams Park.

Recreational Trails Program Trail

This 3/4-mile trail connects the B&O Trail and south side neighborhoods to north Brownsburg. The trail starts at the B&O Trail and crosses Cardinal Park before going north along Hornaday Road to Airport Road. The trail then turns east and meets up with Bulldog Way, which leads to SR 136.

White Lick Creek Greenway

1090 N Green Street

This one-mile trail connects trail users from the northside of interstate I-74 to Arbuckle Acres Park and Downtown Brownsburg. Parking is available at Arbuckle Acres Park or the trailhead located at the address above.

Williams Park Loop

904 S Locust Lane

Nearly one-mile paved trail encircles the park from the Watermill Splash Pad to the entry circle. The flat surface of the trail makes it a great place for a leisurely walk.

Stay Safe on Brownsburg Trails

  • Use the buddy system. Children under 11 should not use the trails without adult supervision.
  • Turn on your cellphone location feature. Location services will make it easier for emergency personnel to find you in an accident.
  • Wear proper safety equipment. Be sure you are visible with bright clothing, lights, and reflectors. Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
  • Lock your parked car and keep valuables out of sight.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. Only motorized wheelchairs, maintenance, and rescue vehicles are permitted on trails. Report all others to 911.
  • Keep right and yield the right-of-way. Stay on the right side of the trail. Skaters, joggers, and bicyclists yield to pedestrians; all users yield to horses.
  • The B&O Trail speed limit is 12 mph for cyclists.
  • Stay on the trail. Do not disturb the trail's surrounding vegetation to protect the trees, plants, and wildflowers.
  • Don't Litter.
  • Keep pets on short leashes. Remember to clean up after your pet.
  • No horses on paved trail except where permitted.


  • Report Suspicious Activity - Call 317-852-1100
  • Call 911 in Case Of an Emergency
  • Report Unsafe Trail Conditions to Brownsburg Parks at 317-858-4172