Strategic Master Plan

This plan identifies the current and future needs of the community and provides a strategic plan with 5-year implementation goals and objectives. The Strategic Master Plan represents Brownsburg Parks continued commitment to providing a quality park and recreation system for the Town of Brownsburg.

Brownsburg Parks updates its Strategic Master Plan every five years in accordance with Indiana Department of Natural Resources requirements.

View the 2019 to 2023 Strategic Master Plan (PDF).

Plan Goals

Goal 1

Develop and maintain quality parks and experiences for people of all ages in an equitable manner throughout the community to achieve 11 acres of parkland per 1,000 residents of which we will develop up to 70% of our parkland for recreation purposes while protecting the remaining acres for conservation purposes.

Goal 2

Develop and implement creative park and recreation programs that target all residents in the Town to maximize the community's appreciation for quality park and recreation experiences.

Goal 3

Seek dedicated funding sources to support parks and recreation in Brownsburg Parks for the next ten years.

Goal 4

Hire and retain the best staff possible to deliver quality parks, recreation facilities, and programs in the Town that demonstrate the best of public services.

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