The 2024 Budget totals about $78.7 Million across 39 funds. The portion of the budget derived by property tax revenue includes the:

  • Building Debt Fund
  • Cumulative Capital Development (CCD) Fund
  • General Fund
  • General Obligation Bond Debt Service Fund
  • Motor Vehicle Highway (MVH) Fund

Property Tax

The Town of Brownsburg receives about 23% of the property tax paid by a homeowner. The other 77% is revenue for other agencies such as the:

  • County
  • Fire Territory
  • Library
  • School District
  • Township

Additional Details

For more details on the funds and the rest of the Town of Brownsburg budget use the Indiana Gateway website. To reach the Town's budget information you can follow these steps, select Budgets, select the desired report, and then fill in the various fields like the county, year, or unit type.

Budget Reports

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