Brownsburg Narcotics Unit (BNU)

The Brownsburg Narcotics Unit (BNU) was established in the summer of 2019, after the closure of the United Drug Task Force.  Brownsburg Police Department also has one Officer that is cross designated as a DEA Task Force Officer out of the Indianapolis DEA Office.  


BNU was formed to encompass undercover narcotics work, Interstate Criminal Enforcement (ICE), and Street Crimes.  Undercover work includes utilizing informants to conducted controlled drug buys and also utilizing undercover Officers to conduct hand-to-hand drug deals in a covert manner to further ongoing investigations resulting in drug dealing charges.  Interstate Criminal Enforcement has been a part of the Brownsburg Police Department since 2006.  Its primary purpose is to stop criminals from traveling with narcotics or other illegal activities on our interstates and major routes through Hendricks County. Officers are trained to recognize criminal activity during routine traffic stops.  Street Crimes enforcement focuses on targeting higher crime areas in and around Brownsburg and Avon, responding to violent crime calls, apprehending violent felons and conducting traffic enforcement on local streets looking for individuals engaged in criminal activity.  


To date, the BNU is responsible for the seizure of over 50 pounds of heroin, nearly 5,000 pounds of marijuana and marijuana products, several pounds of methamphetamine and cocaine, and involved in the seizure of more than $2.5 million dollars in suspected drug money.

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See Something Say Something                                      

The Brownsburg Narcotics Unit announces a new Drug Tip Hotline 317-858-6027. Your information can be left on the voicemail anonymously or you can leave your phone number and a Narcotics Officer will return your call.  Call 317-858-6027