Snow Removal

The Street Department works to keep roads safe and passable during ice and snow events. The Town's snow removal policy states that trucks begin plowing after 2 inches of snow has accumulated.

Snow Removal Priorities

Streets are divided into four basic categories: primary arterials, collectors, local, and courts.

  • The primary arterials are Green Street, maintained by the Town of Brownsburg, and U.S. 136, which is plowed and/or salted by the State Highway Department.
  • Collector streets that provide access to work or school are the first priority for plowing and/or salting after the highway.
  • Local streets - or neighborhood through streets - are plowed and/or salted after the collector streets are cleared.
  • Courts and alleys are the last to be plowed and are typically some of the most difficult, given their size and obstructions.

The Street Department works to clear an entire street before moving on to the next. Sometimes, this results in snow from the street being pushed across driveways along the route. When you clear your driveway, please do not deposit the snow in the street. This may create an unsafe situation and the Town may have to make a return trip and push the snow you worked so hard to clear back into your driveway.

If Property Damage Occurs

If, while clearing snow, a truck damages your yard or mailbox, please contact the Street Department at 317-852-1113 to schedule repairs. You may also send us a message. We will make repairs as soon as possible. This may mean that you may have a temporary mailbox until a suitable replacement can be installed, weather permitting.

Snow Removal Tips

Please keep the following tips in mind during the busy snowplow season:

  • Do not park vehicles on the street to allow the plows to clear as much of the snow as possible.
  • Wait until the street is plowed before you clear your driveway. This avoids having the snow plowed back into the space you just cleared.
  • Do not pile snow in the street. This may create an unsafe situation and the Town may have to return and push that same snow back into your driveway.
  • If it snows excessively, the Town may plow the streets more than once during the same snow event. Keep this in mind when you clear your drive before it stops snowing.