Code Compliance

Development Service's Code Compliance division administers the investigation, documentation, and enforcement of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) and the Town of Brownsburg Code of Ordinances (Municipal Code). Code enforcement provisions regulate private property; regulations listed in the UDO apply throughout Brownsburg's planning jurisdiction, and Town Code regulations apply only to properties incorporated into Brownsburg town limits. 

Proactive & Complaint-Based Division

Code compliance operates as a proactive and complaint-based division. Potential violations can be reported to the Code Compliance Division by submitting a complaint form, or by emailing Development Services. All complaints must include the address of the reported violation and the complainant's name, address, and contact information. An anonymous complaint can be made; however, you may not receive phone or email updates about the case.


All received complaints are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Property owners found to be in violation of code are contacted by the Planning Division and given a deadline by which the violation(s) must be corrected.

Temporary Sign Guidelines

All temporary yard signage is prohibited from Town right-of-way through the Town of Brownsburg Unified Development Ordinance. To enforce the code, any illegal signs will be collected. Areas that should remain sign-free include right-of-ways, medians, and vision corner clearance (signs close to the roadway that create a sight obstruction).

Temporary Sign Guidelines